Anthony De Guzman

A Toronto SEO specialist who's all about digital marketing.

9th Cloud Gifts

9th Cloud Gifts is an individual project which I began in my final year of university to hone different types of digital marketing skills, such as:

  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Graphic design - logos, banners, etc.

Take a look at the social-accounts built up for this project: Twitter & Pinterest.

Search Engine Optimization, Traffic & Average Keyword Positions

I targeted keywords in the "gift idea" niche - including relevant Amazon products for each topic. The keyword is mainly placed in the title, along with a relevant LSIs as the URL, and variations in the alt tags of article images.

With the goal of making each page as unique as possible, I wrote excerpts for each post - as well as short descriptions for the category pages. These pages are usually de-indexed if used solely as an archive - but in this case, having a text snippet adds a bit of usefulness.

category description
"Friends" category pages

The site currently has a total of 16 articles published, averaging about 50-150 clicks and 250-600 impressions a day. Average positions on the first page were held for keyword variations like going away gift ideas.

webmaster tools impressions and clicks
Unfortunately, data prior to July 28 was unavailable
GWT average position
Keyword positions taken from Google Webmaster Tools