Anthony De Guzman

A Toronto SEO specialist who's all about digital marketing.

Stylekick Inc.

I joined this fast-growing in May 2014. After a 4 month internship, I was promoted to my current position as an SEO & Marketing Analyst.

I was initially brought in for SEO (search engine optimization) work, but I moved onto user-acquisition for the company app.

I focused on:

  • ASO (app store optimization)
  • SEO on the Stylekick Blog & Outfit Showcase pages
  • Mobile advertising
  • Innovative social-media campaigns

Marketing Ad Creatives

Take a look at some of the Facebook Ad Creatives that convereted most effectively:

  • facebook ad creative
  • creative advertisement

You can click on the ads to see a high-quality image of each creative.

iTunes App Store Rankings & App Store Optimization (ASO)

Below are the app store rankings for Stylekick for various relevant and high-traffic keywords:

iTunes app store rankings
Keyword rankings taken from

For obvious reasons, I can only reveal a few keywords, but the rankings for each one are all present. Stylekick is placed amongst the top 7, but usually the top 3 spots for these highly-sought keywords. Prior to ASO work being done, keywords such as H&M, which were initally positioned at the 20th-30th spot - are now in the top 2 and right behind the actual H&M app.

iTunes app store reviews
Reviews taken from

These positions are achieved through downloads - such as Facebook's mobile app-install ads, keyword research, and app store reviews.

If you're interested in seeing more of my work, feel free to contact me at

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