Anthony De Guzman

A Toronto SEO specialist who's all about digital marketing.

Budget Biceps

Budget Biceps is a satirical fitness website run by myself and Chris Reidak. I manage the behind-the-scenes work, including: technical SEO, article formatting, keyword research and graphic/logo design – while he handles the content creation: such as article writing and social networking.

Rather than taking the usual, organic search approach to bringing in traffic, we're taking more of a branding approach, using the hilarity and uniquess of our niche to our advantage.

reddit bodybuilding
Our successful post in the /r/bodybuilding subreddit. See the full conversation .

Many are well-aware of how difficult it is to advertise effectively on Reddit. With so many categories, and a subReddit for about anything you can think of, providing relevant content to a targeted audience is crucial.

Mentioning a closely-related, and already popular YouTube channel called, BroScienceLife, provides Redditors with a channel they already identify with, and relate to.

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